It is astonishing that although abortion has been legal in the United States for over 40 years, very little has been written for or about the many millions of men who have been the partner or friend of the women who have had an abortion. Much has been written about the legal, medical, and religious aspects of abortion itself and numerous studies have been done outlining the effects, both positive and negative, on women. But what about the men?

Addressing that very issue is the purpose of this website. We hope over time to post information that will be of use to men and women, too. We are starting with basic information in the form of Questions and Answers. Also posted are the results of research conducted on nearly 1000 men in clinic waiting rooms. This research concludes that, if their partners are willing, men want more involvement in counseling, the procedure itself, the recovery room, and are seeking more information in general about abortion.

Please let us know your thoughts on how this site can better serve you and other men.

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